Wedding is an essential part of a woman’s life. Wedding preparation is an unavoidable process leading up to the events on the actual wedding day. One part of this preparation process which all brides­-to­-be are anxiously excited is the wedding gown ­ the gown which not only perfects the beauty of the brides­-to­-be but also symbolizes a new beginning.

Cost is usually an important factor for consideration when planning a wedding. As the costs of a wedding increase, gown rental has been a popular choice with many couples. It provides endless options in the search of the dream gown at an affordable price.

Here are a few valuable tips to ease into the process of gown rental:

Wedding Gown Rental Singapore

1. Make an appointment with the gown rental boutique early
Selecting the dream gown earlier helps reduce the stress of coming from the preparation of the big day. Not only that, it also leaves ample time for gown selection and discussion of requirements and concerns. Try to arrange for an appointment with the boutique earlier in the day to beat the crowd and therefore, have more privacy when doing gown fitting.

2. Understand body proportions
Wedding gown rental is an effective way to be exposed to wide variety of gowns. But it is also important to understand body proportions and the types of design which best complements it. It is easy to give into current trends which may accentuate flaws instead of perfecting them. One good way to know what type of gown fits best is to try on one ball gown, one fit and flare and another A-­line gown.

3. Have an idea of the dream gown but remain open to new ideas
All brides­-to­-be have their idea of a dream gown and they are all different. It could be the curves of a fit and flare or the flowy lines of an A-­line gown. Convey these ideas to the consultant and be open to try different designs.

4. Try the wedding gowns
At the gown rental boutique, there is a wide collection of wedding gowns to try on. It would be overwhelming to so many gowns of various colors and designs and so there will be a tendency to glance through and choose or reject gowns quickly. Try not to judge the gown when it is on a hanger, the gowns need to be fitted to fully bring out the beauty. Fitting on the gowns also give an idea of what types of design is ideal for not only the body proportion but also how comfortable it is. No matter how beautiful a gown is, it would be put to waste if it is ill-fitting.

5. Capture the design of the wedding gowns
After looking through the gowns and putting them, take a picture of it. It is a good way to have a better view of how you look in the dress and how the fabric flows. The pictures make the decision-making process clearer, without having to rely on memory.

6. Have people you trust as company, but not the whole entourage
Faced with a wide collection of beautiful gowns, it is easy to be swept up in excitement. Bringing along people you trust is extremely helpful to keep you grounded and calm in making the right decision. But too many people would have an adverse impact on decision-making. With more people, it is likely for there to be conflicting opinions and the uncertainty would ruin the decision making.

7. Bring along lingerie to be worn on the wedding day
On the day of appointment, bring along the lingerie to be worn and put it on while fitting. It helps to determine how comfortable and suitable the lingerie is when paired with the wedding gown. The consultant will also be better to advise if the lingerie is suitable.

8. Bring along accessories
The accessories put the finishing touches to a wedding gown. Bring along accessories to pair with the wedding gown to determine how well they complement each other. This also gives the consultant an idea of what gowns best suit the accessories to be worn on the wedding day.

These are some valuable tips that can be used when choosing the dream gown. Wedding preparations can be stressful and extremely costly. Savings and convenience at each small aspect can be of a great impact. Opting to rent the wedding gown is one way to save cost while not compromising on the design. BV Gown Singapore, with its experienced and friendly consultants, has a wide collection of gowns at affordable prices to cater to the needs of all beautiful brides-­to-­be.


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