How To Find the Right Gown for Your Body Type

At BV Gown Singapore, we pride ourselves on helping our clients to find the right gown for their body type. When it comes to knowing how to find the right gown for your body type, the process can be quite frustrating. For most women, the process can be also nerve wracking, as it is tough to find a gown that not only flatters the body type, but also matches the personality. We tend to focus on the flaws on our bodies and find ways to conceal these flaws. But looking your best is not about concealing these flaws, but accentuating the beauty of your body. 

Celebrating the skin you're in is very important and it is time to shed the idea that you need the perfect body in order to find a gown that will flatter your curves. The features that you were born with are meant to be shown off, not hidden away and with our helpful consultants, you can make the most out of your wedding gown rental experience.

The first step to finding the right gown is to throw the idea of “perfect body” out of the mind.  There is also no such as a perfect size, either. Most women are constantly in a struggle to remain positive and confident in their own skin. But we must remember that the “perfect” size or body type is every changing through the years.

The second step is to stop comparing your body to the bodies of other women. These comparisons are biased and women who refuse to see themselves for the beauties that they truly are tend to struggle the most when it comes time to find the right gown for their body type.

Want to draw attention to your beauty and turn heads for all of the right reasons at your next event all while feeling comfortable? Here, we have listed a few common body types and their traits for you to understand what body types you have. 

Pear Shaped

If your bottoms are a different size from your tops, it is an indicator that you have a pear shaped body type. This body type is associated with full hips and thighs. For most women of this body type, the concept of finding the right gown can be absolutely maddening. It feels like there are no gown designers willing to take this unique shapeliness into consideration. 

For starters, women who are shaped in such a way should always choose a gown that is not too short. If the gown is too full or too short, it will cause the woman to appear as if she is wearing a tutu. Also, dark coloured gowns also tend to work best for women who pear shaped, with full thighs and hips.

Full Waist or Apple Shaped

This is an extremely common shape in women. It is associated with a larger bust, a thicker or apple shaped midsection. Women with this body type will usually seek a gown that gives their torso an elongated appearance, a gown that draws the eyes away from their waist.

The gown should not be paired with any accessories that call attention to the midsection, instead gowns or accessories that emphasize the shoulders are best. When you choose a gown that creates more width in the shoulder area, it allows the rest of your body to appear narrower.

At BV Gown Singapore, we understand the woes of women with this body shape and have a wide range of gowns that will allow you to look your best.

Hour Glass Shaped
This is known as the classic Hollywood physique, where only 8-9% of women belong to this body type. The best indication of this body type is when the bust and the hips are of the exact same measurement. The waist is well defined, giving an 8 shape with broad shoulders. To bring out the beauty of the waist, figure hugging or a mermaid gown will look amazing on women with this body type.

Pencil Shaped

Pencil shaped or skinny, the bust and hips are likely the same width. The legs also tend to be longer than the torso. While it is one of the goals of many women to be skinny, many brides-to-be with such body type tend to have a tougher time finding the right gown. Gowns that are knitted or made with sweater-like materials will work well for this body type. Adding a waist belt to their gown will also help to define the waist.

 Having identified the body shape you have, the bust size is also another important part of the body shape that makes or breaks the right gown. If you have a smaller bust size, do avoid low sweeping necklines as this draws eyes to the area immediately. Choose a gown with a neck will add dimension to the bust area. While women with larger bust size will also need to balance the right amount of attention to place on the bust area to create an elegant look.

While no one said that finding the right gown for your body type would be easy, the friendly and experienced consultants at BV Gowns Singapore can provide you with all the help that you need. The next time you are struggling to find the right look, for your big night out or the big day, be sure to contact us for more information as soon as possible.