Choosing the Right Wedding Gown

Most women have thought about their dream wedding since they were little girls. From purely being a princess dream, it has transformed to one that bears more significance. It signifies a new beginning. Having the perfect wedding is not just all about the glitz and glamour, but it is also about the sharing of joy and love with close friends and loved ones in attendance as they witness this new beginning.

 Having found the right man, the next step would be the wedding preparation. One of the most talked about topics during the wedding preparation would be the choosing of the wedding gown. We are all too familiar with the images of princesses in their wedding gowns as they finally weds their prince charming and have their “happily ever after”. But in reality, it may be a little more nerve-wrecking in the search for that right wedding gown.


 The wedding gown has been an essential part of the wedding day since a long time ago. It is not just a piece of clothing but it bears the many hopes of a bride-to-be. With the wedding gown, the bride-to-be hopes for a life-long happiness that is as pure and as special. It is no wonder the choosing of the wedding gown is one of the most time-consuming and nerve-wrecking part during the wedding preparing. The bride-to-be has to be fully involved in the process of choosing the right wedding gown unlike the preparing of the wedding venue and events since there are wedding event planners to help share the load.

The wedding should not be one that is filled with stress and anxiety but it should be enjoyed, even during the preparation stages. Here are a few tips for all brides-to-be when choosing the wedding gown, making the process even more enjoyable and memorable:  

1.     Tap into all available resources when gathering ideas of the wedding gown
In the digital age, there are so many resources the brides-to-be can gain access to. It is no longer just wedding magazines and catalogs. There are many websites available which provides comprehensive details and the latest trend. The internet should be the first step as it guides and gives an idea of what kind of wedding gown design is desired and the current price ranges.

 2.     Keep a wedding budget and following through
Creating a wedding budget and working with it is an integral part of any wedding plan. It is important for to create a budget for each component of a wedding, from the venue to the wedding gown. Depending on the budget allocated to the wedding gown, the wedding dress can be tailored made or even rented. It may be hard to resist temptations when faced with the overwhelming variety of gowns and overspend, but try to stick to the wedding budget as closely as possible.

 3.     Know your body proportions – flaws and strengths
Understanding what type of body type you have will make finding and choosing the wedding gown much easier than you can imagine.  There is a wide-variety of wedding gowns, especially when choosing from a gown rental boutique, and they are not “one size fits all”. Like any other piece of clothing, there are certain designs of wedding gowns that flatters a certain body proportion and shape while accentuating flaws of another body shape. What may look good on a hanger may look different depending on the body proportion.


4.     Start the search for the wedding gown early
Starting the search for the wedding gown earlier in the wedding preparation is very important. There will be more time to try on gowns and understand what is flattering and comfortable and not having to anxiously scramble to choose one when the wedding day is nearly. Look through the internet and magazines and shortlist a few types of wedding gown designs as reference. This is not only useful if the wedding gown is to be designed and tailor-made but also useful when exploring gown rental boutiques. Visiting wedding gown rental boutiques, which is becoming increasingly popular in Singapore, is also one way to explore and fit on gowns to understand how these designs actually look on you.

 5.     Be open to try various gown designs
When you are willing to try various designs, not just those that you are adamant on choosing will give your pleasant surprises. Choosing the right wedding gown is a process that involves the actual fitting on to determine how the wedding gown actually fits and flows. That dream wedding gown may not always be the best choice so give all types of wedding gowns a try. Don’t be shy to try out as many wedding gowns at the wedding gown rental boutiques where there is a wide variety of wedding gown designs available.

 6.     Consider the comfort of the wedding gown
Most women would choose beauty, at the cost of comfort. While it is important to look the best on the wedding day, comfort is an aspect not to be neglected. That perfectly slim fitted wedding gown may look stunning, but not practical when having a beach wedding. The right wedding gown not only needs to accentuate the bride-to-be, it has to be fitting for the wedding theme and also feel comfortable when moving around.


 If you are planning a wedding in Singapore and is lost on choosing the wedding gown that are suitable for you; then visiting a wedding gown rental boutique in Singapore should be one of the first thing you should consider. With a wedding gown rental service, you can easily have a wide range of wedding gowns readily available to choose from without having to worry about your exceeding the budget.

 By using this few useful tips, the process of choosing the right wedding gown will definitely be a memorable and enjoyable one, while still keeping the budget in check. 


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